Creche or Crash

Creche or Crash

This week has been a tough week. We decided to put the little lady into creche for a couple hours, a couple days a week. We had gone to visit a few of them and it is amazing the things that you see and think now that you’re a parent. I didn’t like any of the creches 100% and I suppose that won’t change. I’ve become super critical about where I will leave Jade. I didn’t like that some of the staff have tattoos (sorry, I’m just not a fan, maybe I’m old fashioned but I generally don’t like seeing them… initially anyway), some of them had strong accents and I was worried she’d end up sounding like them, some were piercingly loud and some looked like they just got in from a night out!! I knew this was going to be a tough decision! Thankfully, the staff where we ended up were so nice, the rooms were lovely and we could choose the hours to suit - Jade even seemed to enjoy her time there with the other kids. So, we bit the bullet and booked her in!

Driving up to the creche I was dying, I was flu-y, feeling pretty sick and my nose was running like a tap. Shannon went up to the door and when I saw her come back to the car, I thought “AH Oh!” (as Jade would say!) There was a sign on the door that said they had had a case of foot and mouth in the crèche. I looked at Shannon and once again started to see things in a very serious light. Was she better off in a creche that had been deep cleaned since the incident (and we were assured that the infected child was now gone!) or should she stay with me for the afternoon? I really needed to lie down… I felt terrible! We went through the pros and cons and put her in for the afternoon and thought “brilliant we’re free!!” But that feeling was short lived! We thought we weren’t going to be those parents, but the tears started streaming and mixed with my snotty nose driving was going to be difficult! It was amazing how much of an impact it had on both of us! Should we go back and get her? Is she too small!? (She’s 18 months old… so no!), the “what if’s” began…

What if….

She cries all the time?

She’s hungry?

She misses us?

They can’t handle her?

They don’t like her?

They beat her? (I know… over thinking!)

We stopped talking about the “what if’s” and went for a coffee and Lemsip to kill the flu. We had our first afternoon together since the baby was born and despite me “dying” it was lovely… we were looking forward to doing it again. We even started planning what we could do with our free afternoon a week. Cinema, lunch, sofa and popcorn etc etc this was going to be Date Afternoon and not Date Night! We went back, picked her up and while she was a little upset she was so happy to see her mammy and daddy we were considering putting her back in! hahaha

The next day… now they tell you that your kid will generally catch a cold the first week, what we were NOT expecting was that we would talk more about poo in the next 48 hrs than we have done since she was born! Myself and Jade were struck down with what felt like “amoebic dysentry” ( Mrs. Doubtfire… “Diarrhoea FOREVER??” hahaha) The look on your daughter’s face as a fart turns tasty is hilarious and upsetting in equal measures. We’ve given her the bad habit of giggling when she farts… this was a “teehee… AH OH!” moment! The poor mite toddled into the other room thinking we wouldn’t notice what happened and she could avoid another nappy change… unfortunately for both of us that wasn’t a possibility!!

Is this what creche is going to be like forever? Please tell me it gets easier!?

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