Dad Blogger gets Arrested!

Ok ok, let me explain… I wasn't REALLY arrested! Heehee! This week we took a trip to Kilmainham Gaol so that we could a) Take a tour and listen to the history of the place [which is amazing!] and b) To help Jade delve into her latest role as a member of the Gardaí, which is the Irish Police force. It was SUCH a great day, she loved running around outside, playing with the handcuffs and mostly blowing her police whistle at me! Spending this time with my family, having a laugh and making memories is EXACTLY why I started this blog and, I have to say, I haven't enjoyed myself this much in a LONG time!!! Continued below Watching Jade get into a character is so funny... every career we try she has a different reaction and it is amazing to see! This time around she dived straight into the role - screaming "stop" when I tried to get away, pointing for me to "get in" to my prison cell and the best reaction had to be when she ran after me shouting "going to get you". We had so much fun, but "silly daddy" got arrested too many times to count! (Either I'm a soft touch when it comes to my daughter or I'd be a REALLY bad crook! Haha!) Continued Below Gardaí, Police officers and Prison guards around the world are amazing, protecting citizens and keeping the peace but, for now, I'm so glad that my daughter doesn't really understand that there are bad people in the world and that dressing up is just for fun, the innocence of children only lasts a short time and I wish it would last just a little bit longer! Right now I’m just glad we have these days out and the amazing memories that come with them. I’m happy to be so lucky!  

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