Date night with a baby

Date nights are an absolute must when you have a baby but for the first 9 months we went nowhere because none of our potential baby sitters had boobs with mammies milk! Occasionally we’d have some milk expressed and we could get out for 2 hours for either a quick bite to eat or a trip to the shop for a walk around and it was lovely, but after the around the 10 month mark we decided, we NEEDED to get out for longer! We both wanted to do a bit of exercise so we decided to go for a swim and then a bite to eat. The swim was amazing… no phones, no distractions and the simple pleasure of the water washing over us – it was fantastic! We went for dinner, we got soup because we wanted to be ready to leave if we got the call, but we were left alone and we had a nice relaxing time a full 2.5 hours away from the house left us feeling very relaxed. But then we arrived home… we opened the door to see my parents very weary faces. We went into the living room and there was our precious baby having her very first full scale, inconsolable meltdown. Even in her sleep, 4 hours after we came home, we heard the gasp cry. The guilt was almost too much -the feeling that we had abandoned our child, the helplessness of trying to get her comfortable again and feeling sorry for my poor parents made us think that we weren’t going out ever again… but we did! (Only to the restaurant 5 minutes walk away from the house incase we needed to dash back though!) Fast forward to 14 months, and a moany baby and two parents with serious headaches so we decided to give ‘going out’ another try. My parents come over and we dash out, shout some loose instructions and into the car we head. Dinner (2 calls home) all is well, cinema (2 messages to my mother) everything is still fine… we are so relaxed we get to talk about something other than the baby – Wonder Woman, which is the film we went to see! (What a movie! Really liked it… finally a female super hero movie, well scripted, strong lead and as my wife says… “while her beauty was down played, she's compelling to watch”. I actually got away with saying another woman was attractive without a look! Ahaha.) Anyway, we arrived home – still expecting trouble – to find a sleeping baby and happy grandparents resulting in a very relaxed mommy and Daddy! Strangely, it was possibly one of the most satisfying moments of parenthood so far! 18 months  on….now the obvious question is… when are you guys gonna take her over night Grandparents!?!?!?!  Mommy and Daddy need a REAL break! Hahaha Only joking… leaving her overnight still feels like something we can’t do. Is that normal? Anyone got any tips?

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