Drinking with Kids

Drinking with Kids
  I’m about to share with you a secret I have been keeping for six months…. I finally gave up alcohol [in the short-term, at least!] It is about six months ago now that I finished off a special bottle of Midleton Irish Whiskey and a few glasses of wine – and decided to take the plunge and give up boozing!! It was something I promised myself I'd do before Jade was born but I just never really fully committed to it. When Shannon was pregnant I resigned myself to the fact that I was about to become a full-time baby taxi driver, that I would be on-call at all hours and I knew that alcohol probably wouldn’t fit into that lifestyle!! So, I attempted to quit the casual drinking – those notions only usually lasted about a month then I was out with friends and decided to have a few or was celebrating or toasting an occasion! I also tried Dry November, which lasted a week, and then Dry January which went the same way! I do like to have a drink with friends but my socialising has been reduced quite a bit since Jade arrived and after thinking about it for some time I decided that I don’t want my kids growing up around alcohol. Both of my parents were teetotal and it was a great upbringing – my folks never had hangovers, they always took us out, we never went to the pub except for a wedding or a funeral and those happy memories have taught me that this is the upbringing I really do want for my kids. Now, first things first, I don’t think that parents that drink are bad, I love a drink!! I love meeting up with mates for a drink, I love a glass of wine with dinner, I love a cold beer on a hot day (actually, I love a cold beer on a cold day!) but I wanted to try life without booze for a year! I started my journey without alcohol six months ago (after Jades Birthday party) but have been keeping it mostly to myself until very recently. The reason I haven’t told many people is because it is something that I wanted to do for myself and I didn’t want to be talked out of it – or talked into it for the wrong reasons! I had heard all about the benefits of the quitting of alcohol – health, fatigue, weight, concentration – a million times and I didn’t want to revisit it with preachy non-drinkers! So how has it been? Well, pretty good actually, I really have been feeling the better for it and here is what I have discovered so far [basically, I tried it so you don’t have to, you are welcome!]
  • Sleep DOES improve.
  • Blood pressure does normalise.
  • You DO have more energy.
  • You DO make less excuses.
  • If your wife doesn’t drink… mine doesn’t… she will be happier! haahaa
But, just to keep things balanced, I have to say it isn’t all roses and sunshine. There have been some tough times…
  • You DO miss it! [After a month that goes away! and comes back randomly every few days! hahaha]
  • People DO avoid you! (You are no longer "Fun Bobby" but let's face it no good story starts with "I was having a salad... when"
  • YOU do avoid people! (You recognise the "Fun Bobby" in YOUR life! haha)
  • You DON’T have more time! (but the time is better spent!!)
  • You DON'T have more money! (You spend that on match outfits and photo shoots!)
  • You substitute the booze calories with others! Dad Bod still there… but it is getting better.
  • When you have a cold you question whether a medicinal Hot Toddy counts as booze!
At the start my lovely wife scoffed and told me that I’d never last, that there would be too many temptations, but I have to be honest and say I really enjoyed proving her wrong!! Heehee! So she has been much more supportive lately and she even promised that if I make it through the whole 12 months I’ll have a date with a very special pink princess….my limited edition Laurent Perrier  - now I really AM determined!!

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