Jade First Blood

Nov 28 , 2017



Jade First Blood

This week was a week for firsts… the first time my little princess said please and thank you, the first time she came over to give me a kiss and a hug without a prompt and, sadly, the first time she cut herself. Jade: First Blood as I now call it was extremely hard to take. She gets fairly banged around as she drunkenly marches into every stationary object she can, there have been plenty of bumps and bruises but, until this week, no blood. The worst thing about this (and probably the best!) is that we didn't notice. After a trip to the park we came back and saw her rub her knee, the strawberry had made quite the mess, I thought. Then it was revealed… a huge scrape which had a sizeable trickle of blood. Cue the onslaught of guilt. The “I don't want to wrap her up in cotton wool” speech but really, I do! I even went as far as going online to buy protective gear so that she’ll “learn to walk safely”!! What have I become? Pretty much everything I used to advise my friends who had kids (I know what a joke that is in the first place! Haha what's even worse is I was the principal in a school in China where I dished out advice like smarties at a kid’s party!) I had gone against! The “I'll never…” speeches are a distant memory for me now…

  • I'll never use a soother/pacifier… out the window day 4.
  • I won't be a parent who constantly picks up the kid… axed day 1, “you’ll ruin her”!
  • I'll let a baby cry it out and self soothe… a whimper and I'm running!
  • I'll have the baby into a routine in a few weeks… she had me in a routine in a few days!
  • I'll never use my phone to keep her quiet… daddy daughter discos ALL the time, Peppa pig the odd time and head, shoulders, knees and toes on tap! ( I do try not to do it in restaurants… so far so good, but no one is perfect!”
  • I'll never chase after her to feed her… happens more than I want, in fact it's constant!
  • I won't think she's more advanced than other kids just because she's mine… in a supermarket she pressed a button all by herself, I cheered and some smart-ass kid walked by & said “she only pressed a button!” Little does he know that this one step has placed her on her way to pressing EVERY button she sees!
  • And finally, (but realistically there are hundreds more!) I’LL NEVER wrap her up in cotton wool! I guess that’s another one out the window now!! Just look at the stuff we’ve bought!!
What things did you say you would never do but eventually went 180 on & gave in?? Let me know in the comments…

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