Anyone who has been following our journey to the UK so see the Rebel Girls book launch in London will know that it wasn’t the smoothest of visits, but it certainly was memorable!! Here's the link to the book for those interested! Its great! Link here.  So, we decided to commemorate it with some specially commissioned cartoons so that we would remember it ourselves for years to come! Since we finished the cartoons things have gone from bad to worse, but it has been an adventure and we are creating memories! The first part of our journey was getting to the book launch here’s how it happened… While looking through Facebook I saw that the amazing women behind Rebel Girls, Francesca Cavallo and Elena Favilli, were heading to London to launch their book “Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls 2”. We backed their Rebel Girls Kickstarter campaign from the very beginning and got the first and second books in a beautiful gift set. Myself and Shannon have been reading these stories to Jade for a long time so when I saw that the book launch would be on in London I decided to surprise my two ladies with a short 2-day trip to London. We would arrive early, do a little shopping, get some food in Chinatown, go to the launch and then spend the next day at the aquarium, Shrek adventure tour and the London Eye… well that was the plan but here’s what happened… (in honour of the of book “A Good Night Story for Rebel Girls”, I’ll tell our story in “fairy tale style!) "Once upon a time there was young Princess called Jade. Jade was a strong-willed young lady who knew her mind and what she wanted. Upon hearing that the authors of her favourite book would be visiting a neighbouring Kingdom she called on her father to ready her carriage and take her to the “Iron Bird”. They readied their bags and set out very early to make sure they arrived there with plenty of time to spare. Arriving at the Home of the Iron Birds, the Princess was so excited. She sent her noble and regal mother, who hails from a faraway land, to talk to the Hob Goblin’s henchmen who stood dressed in blue at the Iron Bird Gate. The Hob Goblin, who was known for making things difficult for travellers, did his best to frustrate the Princess. His henchmen and women continued to say… “Ye Olde Script says nay, thou shalt not board”. The Princess’ mother and father tried in vain to educate them and the family were ordered to leave the Hob Goblin’s domain. The Princess sent out a telegram to see if there were other Iron Birds that could help her soar across the sky to the Town of London, but their tariffs were high, and the Beast from the East was almost upon the honourable family. The others had no issue with the Princess’ noble and regel mother being born of another land, but time was against the family. A telegram came back to say that the Lord of the Seas, Sir Irish Ferries, could take them as far as Ye Olde Wales but they would have to undertake the onwards trek alone. They got to the boat through rough much rough terrain - the Beast from the East was hot on their trail and the storm spit snow and ice into their path at every turn. However, in her quiet dignity the Princess remained undeterred – “The Rebel Girls are waiting” she shouted. As the Princess and her family waged on through the wind, the snow and the sleet they began to lose hope. Suddenly, in a blur of motion, The Virgin King, renowned for his kind heart appeared through the snow… “Princess Jade, I know that you can make it and I can help! Please come on board”. What a relief, finally in from the cold they were speeding to London Town in the comfort of their very own ‘Silver Bullet’. On arrival a lovely cockney driver in a Black Cab whisked them to Waterstones in mere minutes! They had arrived!! With the Hob Goblin ignored, the Beast from the East defeated and the help of the Virgin King, Princess Jade got to meet her favourite authors. They gave an inspirational talk and wrote some lovely words for our young Princess who slept soundly in her grand hotel bed all evening.   (Based on a true story)

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