When we set up the “Not Just a Princess” blog I never thought it would be anything more than a way to show Jade in future years that we loved her from the day she was born, believed in her, and thought that she could do anything that she set her mind to! Over the last 9 months every costume, every date, every journey and every little chat that we have had has become so important to me. It is only when you have a daughter (possibly sons too, but I’m biased!) that you start to think about things in a different light. You analyse everything; pay gaps, gender inequality, harassment, goals, your own behaviour, your previous views and opinions… absolutely EVERYTHING. Only now do I fully understand it when men, who don’t understand what women go through, start sentences with “I have a daughter so…”. Because until you become a father of a girl you never have to think about it and you are never forced to think about it – now I feel like I understand so much more! The whole ethos behind this project is to reaffirm for my daughter – and daughters everywhere – that girls can be and SHOULD be the main characters in books, films, cartoons, plays and in our imagination! I want her to that girls are strong, wilful, they have opinions, and they can absolutely be leaders in stories. We have Fireman Sam, Postman Pat, Bob the Builder, etc but we don’t have enough strong female characters. As parents we still say, “that’s for boys and that’s for girls”, all too often, without even thinking we choose pink for girls and blue for boys to represent the norms that we ourselves have grown up with. With this troubling trend at the forefront of my mind I started to write books for my daughter. Originally these were only for her; I would show her the pictures, tell her the stories and as the weeks and months went by I changed the details and she never seemed tired of the stories I wrote down for her… but for me it became a little one dimensional, so, I added more characters and more careers. Each character is a princess (a modern-day Princess Here's a link to a post on Modern Princesses!) from a different country, has different cultural norms and, most importantly, each character has a different job! I tried to choose jobs that don’t necessarily have a large percentage of women working in that field but that would also lend themselves to interesting tales. As I wrote the stories, I had a little animation created to introduce the books. As these things sometimes do, the project began to grow, and I started to talk with some of the top animators in the country. The more we delved into the idea the more ideas I had and the people I spoke to thought that Not Just a Princess could be a good idea as a full animated series… so now this is where I’m hoping to take it. Altogether now we have 14 characters… and each one has a sidekick animal who is their best friend. So, what better time to introduce some of the stars of the show – Princess Arizona and Princess Jedda https://youtu.be/jZ53dNFFY1M

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