Our Amazing Princess Book Series

Princess Jade Princess Jade is passionate about flying. If it flies, floats or glides through the air then Jade will definitely be interested in it. Whether it is flying acrobatics in an airshow, helping the police and the coast guard or teaching students all about flight and designing aircrafts, Jade will always lend a hand! When she is not flying, she loves to relax with Mr. Monkey in her castle in Ireland where she also practices Kung Fu. Princess Mia Princess Mia is a strong willed little lady. She loves to design new, modern and energy efficient buildings. In her home country of China, she has seen the demand for buildings that not only look good but that can also reduce our carbon footprint. When Mia needs to relax she loves to practice gymnastics, she knows that a healthy lifestyle will allow her to live a long and happy life. Princess Becca Becca was annoyed by the high cost of getting her cars fixed and when she heard her friends complaining about the same thing she knew this was what she was destined to do! So, she set up a mechanic service just for women where she could teach other women about vehicle maintenance so that they don’t have to wait around anyone else to help them. At first people laughed at the idea… but her success has proven what a great idea her business is. Princess Francesca Francesca was born in Venice, she grew up around water taxis, gondolas and huge cruise ships coming in and out of the port on a daily basis. Once she was old enough she would take her father’s boats out and navigate the canals. Her love of boats grew, and she now helps the police and the coast guard to keep the canals safe. Princess Cleo Cleo’s home was very close to the Pyramids and she had seen multiple archaeologists over the years. After seeing many male archaeologists Cleo asked her mum why it seemed that only old, grey-haired men were interested in History – and why so few women were included on the team. Cleo loved the history of her country and started to explore at a very young age. She followed the most well-known archaeologists around the world and now she’s making a name for herself pursuing a career in archaeology. Princess Riya Riya is an independent princess, even as a child she was always interested in how things worked and what they were made of. Her parents would often come home to find that the vacuum cleaner or Riya’s bike were dismantled because she wanted to see “what is inside? or “how does it work?” She loves all areas of Science but particularly likes Physics and Chemistry. Princess Uki Uki has always loved watching wild life, particularly that of the oceans. Growing up her family taught her about the beauty of the ocean and its ability to feed their village. She particularly loved to whale watch. When she was old enough she learned to dive and travelled the world to dive in unique areas. She has been a dive instructor, an underwater welder, and an ocean archaeologist. She also has her submarine license and searches for sunken treasure. Princess Katia Katia is a rebel princess. Her parents felt that photography wasn’t a worthy profession for a traditional princess, but this didn’t stop her!! She took class after class until she was able to take photos, videos and edit them into wonderful albums and documentaries. Her first documentary on humpback whales impressed her parents (and National Geographic) so much that they support her in everything that she does. When she has free time, she loves to go running. Princess Rana Rana is another princess that has broken the mould. Growing up she was always interested in why the world sees any difference in men and women and the jobs they do! She didn’t like the separation of men and women, especially at prayer time. Not happy with the status quo and frustrated to know that women in some countries are not allowed to drive, Rana decided that if it has wheels she wanted to drive it. She has ticked off nearly EVERY category on her driving license… only one left to go! Princess Dakota Dakota has always felt like she is a part of nature. In her culture animals are extremely significant and protected. As a little girl she always loved to ride horses through the forest to search for animals. One day she found an injured raven and nursed it back to health. From that day she knew that she was going to be a vet. In her free time, she loves to go spear fishing. Princess Jedda Jedda is no stranger to danger. Growing up she loved to surf and felt very connected to the water. She’s very spiritual and has always wanted to work with water. After seeing the devastation caused by bush fires across her home land she worked hard to become a firefighter and has impressed everyone with her dedication and passion. Princess Traci Traci is a traditional princess. Born in the UK to the royal family she has seen generation after generation of men go into service in the armed forces. She loves her country and wanted to serve alongside her male counterparts but was forbidden to do so. Not to be defeated, she found a loophole that allowed her to help people. She is now Scotland Yard’s greatest asset and a national fencing hero – Traci doesn’t let anything hold her back. Princess Maria Maria, an amazing inventor, began to create very early in life. Born with a condition that left her wheelchair bound her parents always said: “Where there is a will, there’s a way”. Maria has always taken this to heart and already has 15 patents to her name! She is constantly writing scientific papers to show that “disability” is not the correct word for her condition, she prefers “differently-abled”. Princess Elenora Elenora is never without a smile. She loves life, birthday parties and most of all swimming! Starting from Water Babies at a very young aged, everyone knew that she had a talent. It wasn’t long before she was winning medals and flying around the world. Elenora hates to see people sad and is always ready to lend a hand, a hug or make sure that others are ok. A true lady and a true athlete. If you would like to keep up to date and get the box set in time for Christmas, register your interest on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/events/236204830315751/

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