The Chinese do WHAT postpartum!?

Oct 06 , 2017



The Chinese do WHAT postpartum!?

If you haven't read the first post on this topic... you can find it here... if you have read it.... enjoy part too! China is one of THE coolest places you can be when you are having children… well kinda! If you have the money it is a completely relaxing and blissful time after the birth and I have seen first-hand the miracle that is a YueZi Centre; let me set the scene for you… The Hospital – in China private really does mean private. The birthing suite is a suite, there is a bed for Mom AND a bed for Dad (of course), there’s a spare room for the mother-in-law and everyone gets very well fed. Now, it is completely up to you to pay for it, no insurance is gonna kick in for these rooms, but it is not even close to what you could pay in some hotels in western countries and it is so COMFORTABLE. And you stay here for 3-5 days depending on a Natural or C Section birth. The YueZi Centre – this is really where the magic happens. It is a massive hotel – and so much more – think of a very fancy spa and then some! These magical places send for you by swanky ambulance, take the new mother and her child up to their suite for check-in and this is your home for the next 4-8 weeks. Your meals are taken care of and you have daily classes including nappy change, baby bathing, baby massage, preparing bottles, baby first aid etc – all in an effort to help you adapt to parenthood! The staff prepare meals that have highly nutritious ingredients according to traditional Chinese recipes and they will take the baby to the nursery so mom and dad can have a rest together. Upon leaving one of these centres you have all the skills necessary to handle ANY problems that pop up and, if you are lucky, then you also have a calm, well-rested mom, dad and baby! In my honest opinion I think some people have babies JUST to experience it! (I’m kidding of course!) Prices - Myself and Shannon called few friends recently to see how expensive these places are per month now compared to when we left and we were absolutely amazed at the prices! Entry level rooms start at US$10,000 and top of the range celebrity suites can run into the US$100,000+. This is an industry that has exploded within the last 10 years and, according to friends in the US, it is a practice that is being adopted there too. Busy Periods: China is a place where timing is everything. The Chinese Zodiac and auspicious numbers mean everything. The term ‘too posh to push’ is quite an apt description as doctors and patients often elect to have a C Section - doctors so they can charge more and patients so that they can select the date they want their child to be born… it is madness!). Hospitals and YueZi Centers actually are much busier in certain years. By far the busiest year is the Year of the Dragon. The Year of the Dragon is recognised as a year in which people will have the best health, success and happiness, second to that is the Year of the Snake (it is the dragon with no wings! Hahaha) Friends of ours told us that when they had their dragon baby prices went up by more than 30%. Jade was born in the Year of the Monkey… I think that is quite apt! In an upcoming blog post I’ll explain more about the animals and their meaning in Chinese Culture and their association with the Zodiac – watch this space! Rules for the first month after birth in China!

  • NO cold water
  • NO cold food
  • NO spicy food
  • NO brushing teeth
  • NO reading
  • NO digital devices
  • NO crying
  • NO TV
  • NO working
  • NO washing
  • No air conditioning
  • NO fans
  • NO going outside
(The older generation take this VERY seriously and any jokes of ANY kind are unwelcome! hahaha)

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