Top 10 Tips for New Parents by a Dad!

As a new parent it is sometimes difficult to know what to do for the best – so I am here to help with my Top 10 Tips!! Now I am NO expert… so take these with a pinch of salt, but these are things that I have learned the hard way… (the fun way a lot of the time, the messy way some of the time and the smelly way more of the time than you’d think!) 1. Ignore the advice of anyone who’s had a baby more than 2 years ago. They don’t remember what you are going through -they’ve already made it to the other side!! Eaten bread is quickly forgotten as they say! 2. Keep one end fed and the other end clean. This is the big one and you’ll figure out the rest of the stuff in time! 3. Don’t assume that either you or your partner know what you are doing… embrace the fact you are clueless and ask for help whenever you need it. You’ll have LOADS of offers of help anyway because everybody loves babies! 4. It’s not a competition… but my kid came out of the womb calling mama!! (I don’t tell everyone that, but I do mention it to some people, along with “Oh she’s very advanced for her age”!) Always feel free to annoy the parents that annoy you! Hahaha 5. You are going to have issues and sleep deprivation is a real relationship killer! Be good to one another… especially the lady in your life (after all, she’s doing most of the work! Admit it!) 6. Don’t utter the words “We’re not going to do this or that or the other” … you’ll regret it! And you will most certainly do whatever it is you said you’d never do just to keep things calm! 7. Tissues… you should have tissues in EVERY room of the house! (Thank me later!) 8. Tell the truth when family members ask you questions – “Do you need anything?” The answer to this is YES! Dinner, a cleaner, a night out, the ironing done! Most people want to help… so let them! 9. Work can wait… try to be more time efficient but prioritise baby and mom! 10. Have fun and take lots of pics and video you’ll be really glad you did when your baby turns into a toddler in what seems like the blink of an eye!! So, there you have it, tips to live by… or at least consider in the grand scheme of things, if you ever get a moment to consider anything with a brand new tiny human squatting in your house! Good luck out there parents!

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