Zero to Two in the Blink of an Eye

Zero to Two in the Blink of an Eye
For two years I’ve been a Daddy; two years I’ve been amazed by every little thing that she does, two years I’ve been tricked into doing whatever she wants and two years I’ve had more fun than I ever thought was possible. Having a child is, for me anyway, the most rewarding work that I have EVER done (my wife will constantly remind me that she has done a lot more on this journey than I have, and you know what? She is 100% right!) Last night we sat down and went through all of our videos from the first few days and months after Jade was born. It was amazing to look at the difference in her from then to now and see all of the things she still does and what she does differently and how she has changed! From Day 1 she was a poser, she was always doing vogue poses, tucking her hand under the chin in that cute way she has!! And these days she’s asking Mammy to give her ‘Elsa Hair’ so that she can look in the mirror. I remember when she was born she had to be fed every 2 hours… actually, that hasn’t really changed at all! She’ll feed herself when she is hungry but loves to say, “I’m tired” and then, switching to Chinese, she says “feed me”! (I want her to grow up and feed herself but damn it I still like feeling wanted… is that bad? It’s probably bad!) She used to watch reruns of Downton Abbey with me on Saturday mornings, but now it’s Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol. We swore we’d never use a soother, that didn’t last long, 4 days in total if I remember correctly, but Santa took that last year! It is a funny story – Jade still calls Santa Claus a “big messer” and last night we were shopping when a man in a white beard face a full inquisition about him being Santa and why he took her ‘dodo’… she even asked him for another present! (Very embarrassing but hilarious all the same!) Here are some of the other major changes we have been through from 0 to 2-years-old….
  • Talking – I thought the “goo goo ga ga” stage was funny but hearing your child shout from the back to seat to get out of the car, “That’s DISGUSTING, Mommy needs to change Daddy’s nappy” ACTUALLY made me pull the car over as I honestly thought I was going to have an accident!
  • Eating – Oh Boy… this is fun. “Yucky” is the new word of the day! I’m pretty sure that most of my wages now go on the floor or in the bin. One night we tried five dinners until I was so tired I sat down to eat one of them and I hear “Daddy, what’s that? Me some me some, gimme”… it was the first one!
  • Cuddles – My daughter wakes up happy and it is awesome. She rolls over and says, “good morning dada… hug… big hug!” There is NOTHING better than that to start the day in a good mood! I love it.
  • Tantrums – My dear lord! Purple slippers when the pink ones are her favourite that day is like an apocalypse. Anything sets it off… I wouldn’t let her drive; tantrum! I wouldn’t let her hold a knife; tantrum! And my favourite of all is when I wouldn’t let her climb into the toilet – *massive* tantrum. 
  • Bravery – This one scares the bejesus out of me! There is no fear in her at all, apart from spiders, but that has been instilled in her by my wife! She calls the ones with long legs “Mr. Skinny Legs” and she can cope with those, but others send her into panic mode. 
In the last year I’ve taken more photos and videos than I have in my entire life. We even had to buy a massive storage device just to keep them all together. I hated taking photos before but from looking at our Instagram and blog posts you would NEVER know!! Life has changed 100% since I became a parent and while it is stressful, can be annoying at times and is sometimes difficult to spend quality time with the wife, it is truly rewarding. There is nothing like waking up to your little girl coming to find you for a hug and a kiss and to get you out of bed in the morning to get her some milk and tell you some stories! Although the last two years have flown by I wouldn’t change a single thing!  

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