Check Out Jade's New Look...

So, we have been listening to your AMAZING feedback since we launched in March and we have redesigned our series to be EVEN more inclusive! Over the next few days we are going to be showing you some of the new illustrations as we launch our new book - a charity book to raise funds for two organisations that are very close to our hearts… Down Syndrome Ireland and Special Olympics Ireland.

So what has changed?


  • Jade has a new look and some new outfits but she is still as awesome as ever! She is still going to flying around to help in precarious situations just like before!
  • Jade still has her sidekick… he is still a monkey, but we have turned him into a Robot Monkey that Jade has built herself!
  • Our princesses are still a major feature but we’re introducing additional characters, more positive male characters - INCLUDING a stay-at-home King (who is the antithesis of Daddy Pig!).
  • Jade’s Dad (I did want the king to be a handsome devil, so he looks nothing like me! hahaha) is going to be  instrumental in her all of her adventures!


We wanted to give you a little sneak peak of the new Jade character before the charity book is launched on October 24th so we have attached her new image here, this is Jade in her action outfit. It's an upgrade to her orange jumpsuit which the actual real Jade didn’t like and one reader asked us if it was a prison jumpsuit - so we think she needed the change!! We hope you like it...