Jadewatch... Look out Hoff!

Jadewatch... Look out Hoff!


Last month I took my family to a conference in Las Vegas, we also met with some publishers to show them the drafts of our wonderful Princess series which we will be launching later in the Summer. While all that was going on, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to make some more memories with my family. I had some meetings planned with publishers in California and we just happened to be really close to where Baywatch was filmed. Growing up Baywatch was a staple on the TV every Saturday night, so I thought to myself “I’d like to give The Hoff a run for his money!!” and I knew I could definitely do that iconic slo-mo run! So, I got myself the instantly recognisable yellow t-shirt and red shorts and got ready to fulfil a childhood dream… then I just had to explain the “Baywatch Phenomenon” to Shannon!! Needless to say she was less than impressed – and I don’t want to repeat what she said when she saw me all dressed up! Hahaha. Unfazed by her reaction, I decided to go ahead with the plan and even packed outfits for Jade and Shannon to join me on the beach!

From the minute I took out the Baywatch gear and dressed Jade up she was laughing and giggling and so excited about going to the beach, although some of the looks we got on the way there were hilarious. Even though I thought we were right beside the beach it was a 20-minute walk on packed streets to get there! For that 20-minutes we were like mini celebrities with people taking pics and stopping us for high fives Jade was in her element and Shannon was pretty embarrassed, which was even more fun! The beach was amazing – it’s a shame we don’t have the weather for the beach in Ireland. Jade loved walking up to the tower and running down into the sand, but the water was FREEZING, I’ve never felt cold like it! This is where Shannon got her own back! She enjoyed filming the fun we were having and told me… “Gavin, it just wouldn’t be ‘Baywatch’ without you diving into the water”, it took me ages build up the courage to jump in and when I did it was pretty pathetic!! And here is the video to prove it….

I think this might be the most fun career we have tried so far, and I definitely think I could take on The Hoff… maybe not The Rock though! [Damn remakes!]