The Kindly King... a stay at home Dad... with a difference!

The Kindly King... a stay at home Dad... with a difference!

Like many other dads, the "dumb dad" image portrayed by Homer Simpson (who I love), Daddy Pig (who I don’t love) and many more (who will remain nameless) has never sat well with me! Feedback from our readers and followers about the male characters and the need for more sensitive non-traditional male role models in literature said the same thing so we started to look at the series and examine how we portray our own characters. John Dawsonour fantastic writer and mentor, started to make some changes to previous books and the idea of the stay-at-home King (or the Kindly King as he is known in the books) was born. In the new stories the King, in preparation for Jade to take the reins and rule the land, arranges little adventures aimed at teaching her valuable lessons and helping her grow into a kind and compassionate leader.


When our oh so gifted artists, Irene and Otto, were looking at this pivotal character, the first question they asked was… 


Irene:   “Do you want him to look like you?”

Me:       “Well I’d like him to be a handsome devil with hair!”

Irene:    “So, no… ok we’ll look at some ideas!”

Me:       “Hmmm I suppose not!" 😂😂


To show you all how the character developed, I’ve attached an image of our Kindly King below! I hope you like what we have done and are enjoying the journey of our character and series development.