The person who inspired the Book... Eleanor Murray!

Having watched Nora overcome everything that life throws at with a smile I really wanted her to be in the "Not Just a Princess" Series. I remember going swimming with the sisters and they wanted me to throw them into the pool. When Nora came up I was more gentle and eased her into the pool... she was not impressed! So the next time I flung her into the pool like I did her sisters and she was delighted! She truly is and will be a force to be reckoned with! 

Here is her intro: 

Eleanor ‘Nora’ Odessa Murray has a dream…to be a gold medal-winning swimmer in the Special Olympics. Born in Hong Kong in 2011, Nora has been delighting,
surprising, and educating her family and friends since her arrival to this world. She
now lives with her two older sisters and parents in Princeton, New Jersey.
Her many hobbies include swimming, dancing, gymnastics, and tennis. She has been featured on the Jumbotron screen in Times Square in New York City, not just once but twice! Nora is also a regular guest on her older sister’s YouTube hit series,
‘Lena’s Laughter.’

Nora’s engaging personality, many talents and her dream for the future served as the inspiration for our new book in the ‘Not Just A Princess’ series. In our story, an older version of Nora literally dives in to help save the day. We hope that all children everywhere will draw inspiration from this uplifting tale, follow their hearts, and pursue their dreams.