The Not Just a Princess Box Set


➡ Triggers Critical Thinking 
➡ Showcases Bravery
➡ Encourages Equality
➡ Inspires Independence 
➡ Shows your little girl that she 'can do ANYTHING' she puts her mind do
The whole idea of a Princesse waiting for someone to come and save them (usually a handsome Prince) is something that is so prevalent in many stories and fairytales.... but NOT here.
The Stories
All of our Princesses are determined, hardworking and independent thinkers, they are the type of characters that should be inspiring our children.
The series comprises of a 🔧Princess Mechanic 🚒 Princess Firefighter 🐶Princess Vet 🕵🏻‍♀️Princess Detective 💡Princess Inventor 📸Princess Photographer.
Teach, Encourage, Inspire
Go on, Inspire the little girls in your lives to be strong minded like these awesome Princesses and their cool sidekicks.       

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